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Heavy Steel Framed House

A revolutionary multi-family development… With our uniq steel framed construction method we biring villa’s comfort up to the multi-family buildings.

Shipping Container House

A revolutionary single-family development… Get your family’s dream home with MiniMax Villas – perfect for first-time buyers and seasoned homeowners.

A New Kind of Home

At MiniMAX Villas, our mission is to transform the way people buy, build and live in their homes. We are developing housing alternatives that optimize space, reduce waste and help preserve the planet’s resources.


Steel Framed Construction

Steel Is Durable, Strong And Adaptable. Steel provides cost-effective, sustainable and resilient design solutions for owners, architects, engineers, building officials and contractors.

The steel frames are prefabricated offsite to fit a certain specification before being sent to the construction site. After they are sent out, they are immediately ready to be assembled by bolting or welding the pieces together, unlike in-situ concrete, where it is necessary to wait for a section to cure before continuing the construction. There is also no need for temporary formwork which needs to be assembled and then dismantled afterward, delaying the construction as well as producing waste.

We use environmentally preferable building materials and specifications to ensure our environmental impact is as green as possible. Our modern construction methods allow us to minimise material waste and reduce the carbon foot print of your home.

The tensile strength of steel frames allows them to perform well under a range of natural phenomena such as earthquake, hurricanes, seismic activity and snow loads. Steel also performs better in man-made emergencies such as explosions and impact. Steel is non-combustible so it is not a fire risk.  

Since steel frames are fabricated off-site, on-site labour can be reduced by 10%-20%. Fewer workers also mean fewer accidents. Shorter construction times result in less financing costs, fewer interest payments, and means that the building can be used or rented as soon as possible for faster payback. Steel is durable so maintenance costs in terms of repairs and replacements can be lower.

As our modern construction methods use fire resistant materials such as Truecore steel for our roofs instead of wood, we are able to build homes with a high fire rating. This is an exceptional advantage especially for homes built in bushfire-areas.

The use of steel allows for creative and innovative designs. Architects and other designers use this capability to create structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound. It is also easy to future-proof steel frames because they are more conducive to structural addition or modification, such as renovations or expanding the size of an existing building.

Our Process for Custom Villas

Our Process is so simple. At MiniMax Villas, we simplify the build process. Our team will work with you through the process from our initial accessibility consultation, designing and engineering both the MiniMax Villas and foundation specific to your site and goals to handing you the keys to your new HOME.

Right away
Contact Us

You can do so by calling us or by filling out the contact form HERE

Less than 2 days
We Speak

Let us arrange a meeting and we will advise you on everything we can about your project.

in a week
Site Visit

If you have your own property we will visit before starting design prosess.  If you don't, we also have SERVICES for finding best for your choose.

Right after budgeting
Signing Contract

The first step to start working on your project is to sign a design and consturction contract for which we make a budgeting before contract for hole design and construction prosess.

5-6 weeks
We Design Your Villa

The project will be designed according to your needs, we will provide ideas and make revisions if needed. At this stage we also contact local authority for following engineering prosess.

Depends on Autority
We Request a License and Permits

Once we have the design finalized, we apply for the license to the city hall. This process has a variable term.

8-12 weeks
Starting Construction

Once the license is obtained, we will contact you to explain the process and see options. With the technician's approval, we will start construction your MiniMax Villa.

20-24 Weeks After Your First Contact
Completion of Construction

In parallel to the construction process, foundations and final finishings are made in the plot.

Whenever you are ready
Ready to Move In

Enjoy your new house. 

Payment Method

For Villa Construction

  • %40 down payment when signing contract
  •  %35 with completion steel framework
  • %15 with completion of all construction work on the site
  • %10 before delever

    This plan could be changed if our customer wants to use our other financial opportunuties. 

For Land

  • %25 down payment when signing contract
  • %75 with when transfer the land (the title deed of land)

    All payments are nonrefundable so we have to discuss with all details before signing any contract between us.

Contact Now

If You Need Financing, No Problem! (optional)

If you need to finance your MiniMax Villas project, now would be the time to start on that prosess. While we can assist you for optaining morgage from local finance service, we give you better offers in house. We have different payment  and delivery methods that could reduce your investment amount. This offer only available for constructing custom MiniMax Villas on our own lands and/or your land we can discuss after our site visit.

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