Our Process

Our Process for Custom Villas

Our Process is so simple. At MiniMax Villas, we simplify the build process. Our team will work with you through the process from our initial accessibility consultation, designing and engineering both the MiniMax Villas and foundation specific to your site and goals to handing you the keys to your new HOME.

Right away
Contact Us

You can do so by calling us or by filling out the contact form HERE

Less than 2 days
We Speak

Let us arrange a meeting and we will advise you on everything we can about your project.

in a week
Site Visit

If you have your own property we will visit before starting design prosess.  If you don't, we also have SERVICES for finding best for your choose.

Right after budgeting
Signing Contract

The first step to start working on your project is to sign a design and consturction contract for which we make a budgeting before contract for whole design and construction prosess.

5-6 weeks
We Design Your Villa

The project will be designed according to your needs, we will provide ideas and make revisions if needed. At this stage we also contact local authority for following engineering prosess.

Depends on Autority
We Request a License and Permits

Once we have the design finalized, we apply for the license to the city hall. This process has a variable term.

8-12 weeks
Starting Construction

Once the license is obtained, we will contact you to explain the process and see options. With the technician's approval, we will start construction your MiniMax Villa.

20-24 Weeks After Your First Contact
Completion of Construction

In parallel to the construction process, foundations and final finishings are made in the plot.

Whenever you are ready
Ready to Move In

Enjoy your new house. 

Payment Method

For Villa Construction

  • %40 down payment when signing contract
  •  %35 with completion steel framework
  • %15 with completion of all construction work on the site
  • %10 before delever

    This plan could be changed if our customer wants to use our other financial opportunuties. 

For Land

  • %25 down payment when signing contract
  • %75 with when transfer the land (the title deed of land)

    All payments are nonrefundable so we have to discuss with all details before signing any contract between us.

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